Visai – Raw Groundnut(Peanut) Seeds


Visai Groundnut Seeds are a great blend of healthy fats, protein and fiber that curbs your appetite, lowers the risk of heart disease and regulates blood glucose levels.

Our Raw Groundnut seeds are 1st quality daisy seeds which has a best taste among most of the other verity seeds.

100% Natural Premium Groundnut Seeds.

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The Peanut, also known as the Groundnut, goober, Pindar or monkey nut, is a legume crop grown mainly for its edible seeds. Consuming groundnuts daily has a lot of benefits like prevention of heart diseases, lowering bad cholesterol, reducing the chances of heart stroke, improving fertility, helping in weight loss, and improvement in brain health.

Peanuts have been developed into a variety of products like roasted peanuts, peanut butter, peanut oil, peanut paste, peanut sauce, peanut flour, peanut milk, peanut beverage, peanut snacks (salted and sweet bars) and peanut cheese analog. Groundnut Chutney is one of the Favorite recipe among the Indian cuisine, with the proper native/daisy seeds the taste of the chutney would be great. Visai Groundnut are the top quality native/daisy seeds which are graded by hand picking and packed hygienically.

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