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I have visited the place and seen the processing of coconut and ground nut oil. Really good and standard. They are selling natural quality of oils with reasonable price. My best wishes to Mr. Praveen for doing great job.

Gurusamy K

I am using this visai oil almost 6 months and then decidedto write a review. The quality of this oil is honestly good and feel the quality everytime and every bottle. I used many wood press oils but atlast, I stick with this. Started recommending to my friends circle nowadays. A request to visai team, please maintain the same quality at any point of time.

Muthukumaran K

We have been buying Coconut Oil, Gingelly Oil and Groundnut Oil from Visai Wood Pressed Oil for the last 6 Months.100% I recommend this shop to all. Oils are pure and smells too good . Taste is too good when it blends with the dishes.

ManiKandan K​

Benefits of Visai Wood Pressed Oil

Nutritional Value

Chemical Free

Rich Flavor

Cold Pressed

Health Benefits

Eco Friendly

Visai Wood Pressed Oil Process

Visai Wood pressed oil, also known as cold-pressed or wooden churned oil, is extracted from high-quality oil seeds through a traditional process that ensures the preservation of natural flavors and nutrients. The seeds are cleaned, dried if necessary, crushed, and then pressed using wooden or stone equipment. This cold-pressing method avoids high temperatures and chemical solvents, resulting in oil that maintains its nutritional value and purity. After filtration, the oil is packaged in airtight containers, making it a popular choice for those seeking minimally processed, chemical-free cooking oils with superior taste and health benefits.

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